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interconnect with oneness



Me setting intentions

To connect in unity, oneness, to connect to

higher consciousness. 

To get back and reunite with self a tradition long

removed from the people.  Bringing the message of

mindfulness to strengthen the focus of the mind.  To remind you that this experience is not just about the yoga postures, but to integrate the yoga therapy experience on & off the mat in everyday life.  By staying conscience of how you move and connected with everything and everyone around you and remain grounded.   To express to you that all things in life are sacred & we should live our lives with love, gratitude, and a dedication to being present in the moment. 
My teaching & healing — is one that is centered on self-expression, life experiences and finding the courage to step out of my own comfort zone(s).   I do this to help others on their path of self-discovery of connecting back to themselves, their communities, and to the rest of the life all around them.- Isokan


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Offering a more individualized class focused on your needs.

Isokan Welcomes You! 
A Journey Back To Self.

Straight path

COME. DISCOVER tools to help develop the habits you’ll need to help improve your daily patterns & ultimately, your life.    

"Live Your Best Life with Isokan: Unlock Your True Potential and Find Joy in the Journey!"

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Experience the power of Isokan Spiritual Healing to bring balance and harmony to your life.  Our unique blend of ancient and modern healing techniques will help you find peace and inner strength.  Discover the power of Isokan today!

I SO KAN | ee s ea kind | n: unity, harmony and oneness.

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