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Isokan is where we take an innovative approach to providing a relaxing & holistically rejuvenating experience, leaving you filled with gratitude & relaxation.   While supporting your physical, mental, and emotional needs, I provide clients with private one on one class.  Here I can manage your overall individual needs.   Our practice is one of a kind and caters to yoga and meditation for beginners at an affordable cost.  Make that positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting for; see what ISOKAN has to offer you! 

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Offering a more individualized class focused on your needs.

Welcome to the Isokan Spiritual Healing Services!


You lead a busier lifestyle nowadays, so many people say they’d like to live an healthier lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start.  Allow me to be your guide!


  • I offer a SELF CARE SUNDAY class check schedule for next session.

  • I also created a STRESS & ANXIETY REDUDUTION PROGRAM (SARP)   These classes are built for much more than simply learning exercises, I put together your own personalized toolbox using the Ayurvedic system. An whole holistic way to healthier living!

COME. DISCOVER tools to help develop the habits you’ll need to help improve your daily patterns & ultimately, your life.    

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"Live Your Best Life with Isokan: Unlock Your True Potential and Find Joy in the Journey!"

Experience the power of Isokan Spiritual Healing to bring balance and harmony to your life. Our unique blend of ancient and modern healing techniques will help you find peace and inner strength. Discover the power of Isokan today!


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Haven't registered yet?  Before booking any classes be sure to fill out and download consent form. 


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