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On/Off the Mat Experience

Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program 

200-hour Level 

Yoga Nidra

Module 1
Module 1

Yoga Alliance

Kula Membership

I first found yoga in my mommy belly she practiced while pregnant with me and as a child coming up  I can recall how I would always move and twist my body and meditating but had no idea what I was doing.   As I walk on this  journey of life  I am still drawn to the physical & spiritual aspect of the practice.   To be able to clear your mind and control your breath is a beautifully, healing, and freeing feeling connecting to our higher selves .  Practice for me has been on and off the mat throughout the years.   This has been one of my many callings to help heal  so when I choose to follow this life's path taking on the role as an professional yoga instructor the transition was effortless.    Within me is this passion to be love.  

I do my best to everyday make the choice to walk with good intentions(iwa pele), on the straighten path & to always honor The Most High.

I trust in uplifting the ancestors & giving thanks to all Creation in everything we do!  


My Why?


I SO KAN | ee s ea kind | n: unity, harmony and oneness.



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