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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I woke up early so I could get a mat practice in and really be on top of my day this is what I want my days to look like from now on You ever have this vision of how you want to live and just live it I can see the life I want to live in my head so clear I wish to paint it out but you know that again is ego wanting to see if like magic quick outcomes instead of just living in the space and recognizing each moment a moment in beauty and a part of the creator the focus of the ancestors I had a really nice asana class this morning for me I really didn't do a lot of poses but I held them in such a way that I could connect to the ground, my stand and my feet connecting with I am in my body and I can feel it once I could not I can feel that I hold in place I can let go the pain in lower back has let go I can hear my back unwinding like I needed a adjustments a realignment giving myself space in my stomach area I find there is a pain in my stomach and I don't know if it is scar tissue or what I just know I have to send healing energy to the area and asking it to heal mending thoughts things grown coming together oneness wholeness I repeat these thoughts in my head as on now as I write just directing those thoughts that energy at all times like exercising a muscle bring awareness you promote healing. As I grow in my knowledge in my spirit in my power, I learn to work with myself not against no matter what.

I did a meditation focused on the healing of the heart a fact about the heart the heart possesses its own intrinsic nervous system—a network of nerves called a “heart brain.” Containing over 40,000 neurons, this “little brain” gives the heart the ability to independently sense, process information, make decisions, and even to demonstrate a type of learning and memory. The heart produces hormones called oxytocin—well known as the “love” or “bonding hormone.” Yes, love is a hormone that explains why some people are completely heartless their bodies may not produce this hormone makes perfect sense now lol some people you know are hard as hell to love nearly impossible. I was able to take a nap it was a loving nap (short 30 minute) I woke with the kids fighting but I handle it so calm and with no sweat I almost scared myself how calm I was I was such an empowering moment it's like why have I spend all those other times getting all upset and yelling and blood pressure up a just very unnecessary because the problem usually just get worse if I get upset, I will remember this time before I lose sight again.



What a wonderful start into a beautiful session - Slow down and breath.

Prana Meditation

Every Sunday at 12noon

25780 Miles Rd Unit H

Bedford Hts Ohio 44146

*Bring Blankets and/or yoga pillows for full restorative benefits


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