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Updated: May 13


Every morning I sit at my alter an I meditate / I talk to my ancestors. I thank them for all they have done and given me for the many many sacrifices that allow me to be here today. I give them honor for the sight to see and a mind to think clearly. I listen to my heart and my thoughts here see how my body is feeling I take my time here I wait for answer. Followed by some a 15-30 minute yoga practice depending on my body or rather or not the kids wake up earlier then usual hungry which I developed a way to stop that by making them a small snack just in case. From there I take that energy and start my day. ASE


Here is an article I read once from Yoga Journal about how meditation helps you trust yourself more - Lets be honest we all could use some help with this.



SARP PROGRAM registration opening soon

In this eight-week practice we will work together privately either virtually or in-person once a week.   I will create a personalized toolbox designed to help you on a  physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual level.  I  will introduce techniques suited for you that will assist you with any trauma, depression, anxiety and/or  stress that can help you easily integrate into day-to-day life.  One study found that practicing yoga just 12 minutes a day for eight weeks decreased inflammation, a risk factor for depression other studies have shown that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety.

My Stress and Anxiety Reduction Program (SARP) I created from a whole multitude of different techniques and practices aspect including body posture, different breathing techniques, energy center points, hand gestures, sound frequency, mindfulness, meditation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and what life force energy that works with you, which may ne out of balance here you will learn ways to keep it balance.  

Practices are intent provide a feeling of grounded and offers supportive skills and security, the topic of stress, anxiety, and mental health in our communities is haunting.  Be kind to yourself during the course and NEVER push through panic or anxiety or any emotions.  By investing in this course you have made a commit to carved out some time for you. So honor yourself.

The SARP program offers earthly, sacred text , conceptual thought & mindfulness practice customize for each individual .  While SARP has its roots in spiritual teachings, I offer a one of kind experience the program itself is profound.  


Yoga: A gateway to healthier habits?

Article from Harvard Health

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