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The Story Behind Body Beads

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This is an ancient tradition originating in Africa, made popular by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.  These beads have been noted to have been worn as early as the 15th century for many purposes such as rites of passage during puberty, baby naming ceremony, maintaining the figure, and intimacy with a husband or lover, femininity, healing, protection and as a status symbol.  Waist beads can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times and were then known as “girdle.” Made with single or multiple strands of beads made from various kinds of glass/seeds, metal, crystal, bone or wooden beads. 


Hand custom made scared waist beads made to boost your confidence + manifest your femininity + sexuality 

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The beads are for beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and ages here to promote fertility, womanhood, and awareness beads possess the power to attract as well as invoke deep emotions, intuition and acceptance.  These traditional waist beads are strung on silk cord with no clasp or hook meant to be worn until they break or fall off.  I create with positive intentions and to educate others about African waist beads to give honor to the ancestor.  If you are on spiritual journey or need some self-love and healing, working with uplifting your confidence, or just to magnifying the beauty women that you are on the inside and out.  Influencers today want to fool you into thinking that only one type of women can wear them.  DONT BE FOOLED!  Ghanaian women practice the wearing of multiple strands over time can help keep the waist small and accentuate one’s natural curves, also symbolic as a sign of wealth and class as well as spiritual prosperity.  

Get N' Touch

Rather worn for traditional reasons or fashion waist beads are the perfect tool to tap into your inner spirit while looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.  Finding knowledge and keeping an open-minded to new ideas/thoughts is important for everyday life.  Everyday  I make a choice to walk with good intentions(iwa pele), with good intention brings many blessings even in the midst of difficulty.  In the hopes that others will want to do the same, be the change you want to see.   Even if we do not agree with certain views, being able to give others the chance to have an open dialogue which will create a domino effect but it starts with self!  I say that to make point that the world we are living in is changing and it is import as a society we inner stand this concept.   I am a women of color  I have a very mixed background but my roots are implanted all over this here green (aye) earth,   Ifa teaches that blessing come to those who make choices that consistent with their highest destiny.

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 I take pride that no two will Every be the same  "I honor that"

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